We’re Bringing
A Different Approach
To Private Equity

About Equity38

Equity38 is a private investment firm focused on consumer-facing health, wellness, active lifestyle and outdoor companies. Our team has deep experience working with founders, entrepreneurs, and owners of growth businesses looking to take their next step or leap. We’d love to help you with the next stage of your business journey. Rest assured our relationship – because it’s not just about access to capital – will be authentic and built around the needs of you and your business. It might even be fun.

Equity38 was born with the idea that if you align expertise, passion, and resources, you will have a firm that can help growth businesses make an impact on consumers in a more productive and enjoyable way. The alignment of our passion for these types of businesses with our core values leads to a far better experience for the company owners and the company.

Equity38 was born in the founders’ ideals of teamwork, authenticity, fairness, passion, purpose, precision, respect, and fun. We look for these qualities in the teams with whom we partner.


These fundamental characteristics shape how we work with founders, entrepreneurs, management teams and companies that want to make the most of their journey. We want to connect with business owners and companies differently than a typical private equity firm. We understand that you want to make an impact, and we want to help you in that pursuit. Equity38 believes that values based alignment with companies and their owners/founders allows for more holistic success for all those involved.

Equity38 celebrates the pursuit – if you want to make the most out of your journey, partner wisely.

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